What is the North american realtors choice network?

The Realtors Choice Network is a synergetic business networking group  spanning across North America with the main idea being those members “must be related to the Real Estate Industry in some way” in order to generate mutual leads for each other. 

On a grand scale the benefits of being part of the Realtors Choice Network are extremely valuable for many reasons but on a narrowed down scale, the benefits are at their greatest when you think about relocation and the multiple services that come into play with a move. 

Put into the simplest of terms, Realtors Choice Network is the middle person assisting with making those important connections for business and personal success. Visit: https://www.teamczarnecki.com/about-realtors-choice-network.html for additional information

The Realtors Choice Network

Benefits to realtors choice network north american affiliates

become part of a global "one-stop-shop'' network across 124 uSA cities and 20 Canadian and counting

Being an Affiliate Member allows you the opportunity to obtain clients that you may have never had the opportunity to meet or provide your services to. Essentially, RCN’s goal is to help your customers find you and to help you grow your business via relationships built within RCN through industry related professionals. 

Visit Contact –https://realtorschoicenetwork.com/contact/ to become an Affiliate member!

Benefits specific to the north american realtors choice network end-user (public)

welcome to your global "one-stop-shop" for everything real estate related and more!

The answer to all your relocation worries whether your changing neighbourhoods, cities or even countries!

When you reach out to RCN as a client, you are reaching out for a seamless transition from point A to point B and we have you covered. From mortgage brokers to real estate agents and insurance providers to lawyers with everything in between we have the professionals you look for in a provider and the services you want and need. 

Visit Membership Directory –  https://realtorschoicenetwork.com/membership-directory/to find a service provider in your Province or State.

benefits specific to local (winnipeg & surrounding areas) realtors choice in-house and affiliate members

you are The heartbeat of the realtors choice network Local power team

***NEW-As a local RCN Affiliate Member you are part of an exclusive group of vetted professional business providers and unlike our International Directory of Members, you stand alone (or in some cases with very few of the same service providers) in the Manitoba Directory. This places you first and forefront with RCN end users and your Affiliate Members which is a sweet place to be.

Additionally, our valued local members receive direct and indirect marketing through not only The Realtors Choice Network but also through C.E.O & Founder of RCN, Teddy Czarnecki’s Real Estate Team AKA Team Czarnecki Real Estate and fellow RCN Members.

Connect with The RCN Team  https://realtorschoicenetwork.com/contact/ or Teddy Czarnecki & Team Czarnecki Real Estate https://www.teamczarnecki.com/about.html anytime to collaborate or converse.

As a local RCN Member you will find that we continuously strive to improve the services we provide our members. We welcome all feedback. We are open to comments, concerns and suggestions from members to help us to do more and do better for you. As much as RCN Members invest in us, we invest in them. This is why we will continue to hold RCN events allowing members to grow their client base. Most recently, we have created a private Facebook Group to allow members the space to get acquainted, communicate and collaborate with one another. This Facebook Group is a place to share your wins, talk through your loses, advertise your promotions, incentives, services and yourself. If you haven’t joined yet, please do so here https://www.facebook.com/share/rhnTwBBfxcKnQL6m/

If you have Questions? We have Answers

Ask us yours here https://realtorschoicenetwork.com/contact/ or check out the ones below incase someone already has...

How Does RCN Benefit the End-User AKA Public or Client?

We highly value our Realtor Choice Network clients' experience and our "Local Network Power Team" has been structured to address first and foremost your needs. We understand that buying and/or selling real estate may be a difficult and stressful experience, so our goal is to turn this experience into a pleasant one. Begining with assisting you with mortgage preapproval or financial planning for a home to moving day, our network of professional service providers have a solid understanding of their craft and are well equiped to meet your needs or will find someone for you who can. 

How can someone from the general public get in-touch with a member of the Local RCN Power Team?

There are several ways to reach out to your Local Realtors Choice Network Power Team! Please choose the method that suits you best:

  • Reach out to professional service provider directly if your are familiar with the network. 
  • Request an online directory to be emailed to you via the link below. 
  • Contact The Realtors Choice Network https://realtorschoicenetwork.com/contact/ or Team Czarnecki Real Estate https://www.teamczarnecki.com/contact.html for specific contact information, guidance or to have a paper copy of the directory mailed out to you.
  • Drop by The Realtors Choice Network Headquarters located at 13-1051 Kapelus Drive in West St. Paul, Manitoba from 10am-3pm Monday- Friday for in person support
If I use the services of one member of the Local RCN Power Team, Do I have to use them all?

We would of-course reccomend you to use our profesional service providers for all of your real estate needs however by no means must you. Our "One-Stop-Shop" experience is to simplify your experience not confuse you or cause any discomfort. If you have a go to real estate agent by all means use them. If you have an insurance provider you have gone to for years, we invite you to continue to use them. We are here to provide you with who and what you need with no strings attached. 

Does it cost anything for me to utilize the services of the Local RCN Power Team?

No, there is no charge to RCN end-users (public, customers and clients) to request a membership directory or be connected by any means to our vetted professional service providers. Our members pay a fee to be part of our Local RCN Network Power Team where by we directly and indirectly market them to customers, clients and eachother to assist with building their presence and clientele. 

Request a Local RCN Directory

Everything you need, everything you want

to our in-house & affiliate members locally, nationally and internationally

At Realtors Choice Network we recognize the strength of a team mentality. We are open to change and growth. We are not naïve, we recognize that we are a young network with much to learn in order to grow into the network we intend to be and we are up to the challenge. 

We appreciate the support of our amazing RCN Members locally, nationally and internationally while looking forward to growing our network with and for you. Reach out to connect with a member or become a member, it would be our pleasure to assist you Contact https://realtorschoicenetwork.com/contact/

With Gratitude,

Your Realtors Choice Network Team




Home Inspectors









local in-house and affiliate Realtors choice Members have  membership options to choose from

Choosing to become a Local Member of The Realtors Choice Network provides you the opportunity to choose from three distinct memberships, each at a different price point and each offering an array of value to meet your business n goals and budget. Contact us to discuss the details of each membership to ensure you choose the one that best suits your business needs.


In-House Member with Private Office


One in-house member per industry

In-House Member with Semi-Private Shared Space


Affiliate Membership+


Affiliate Membership



Talk To The Experts

$99.00/12 mth term


 📍Located in West St. Paul, Manitoba at #13-1051 Kapelus Drive off of the North Perimiter in the AWC Business Centre.

Offering Customers, Clients, In-house and Affiliate Members

Ample FREE Parking

After Hours Gated Security Entrance at Front and Rear of Building

High Visibility location with convenient access from Main Street & McPhillips Street

access to all your Business needs

Networking made simple... Locally

At Realtors Choice Network we define ourselves as a work in progress consistently working towards meeting and exceeding the needs of our local members. In-fact our RCN Comparison Chart is our working document that we vsit and revisit regularly in an effort to better serve all of our members. Your valuable feedback is what guides us...

The Realtors Choice Event Centre is available for all your business events and more with a dedicated event planner on site to assist you with your events.

At The Realtors Choice Network we host exclusive and public Networking Nights in our RCN Event Centre to help our members build their clientele and make connections within the network.

Conveniently located to the community kitchen; the RCN Board Room is the perfect choice for intimate lunch and learn opportunities and catered business meetings.

At Realtors Choice Network we offer our members and their guests complimentary  WiFi throughout the facility.

Contact the realtors choice network today for more information

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